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    How common is it that guys need to move up a size or two due to gains from length and girth after long-term use? I’ve read on some forums that guys started out with a D24 or whatever & moved up to a E26, F28, etc.

    Just curious.  I measure out to a D26, but had to move to a D24 due to slippage. I’m right at 5.5” for length, so I’m already thinking I may move up a size. After wearing it for about 2 weeks, my erect girth felt thicker. Not sure if it’s the Stealth, but I don’t do any PE exercises. So the only thing I could attribute it to is the Stealth. Because of this, it made me wonder about being able to eventually move in size.


    Stealth Man

    Hi Longon1980… welcome aboard!

    We do see many guys upsize over time on subsequent orders. This can be attributed to gains made wearing the Stealth. For quicker more substantial gains inclusion of some regular PE exercises such as jelqs is recommended.

    We will be having a range of more serious PE devices in the near future. These will be top quality at affordable prices and fun to use.

    As you are borderline between the D and E series for length you could size up and see what you prefer. I also am between sizes and wear one or the other depending on how I am feeling and what sort of engagements I have lined up for the day.


    Christian Taylor

    I do use active PE and have had huge gains. I just received my 2nd stealth package after using it 3 months. I had to go up 2 sizes! Even that feels a bit tight! So yeah, it might happen.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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