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    I bought the Stealth Innerwear & corkscrew several weeks ago. I like the product! It can be comfortably worn for an extended time (currently my record is 36 consecutive hours) yielding passive engorgement, which should cement into permanent gains over time. I’ve been practicing PE for several years and am a BIG proponent of “PASSIVE PE”!

    I also like DONG toys , so I have combined some of them with others and achieved good BONUS results like wearing a leather balls-stretcher and a steel cock ring around my package together, building & cementing BONUS size more quickly while extending my “hang” by keeping my balls stretched & proportional to my penis, ALL PASSIVELY .

    Here’s another idea I’ve found beneficial using Stealth Innerwear. Keep in mind I’m circumcised, so you uncut guys will need to experiment with pulling your foreskins back and monitoring your comfort levels accordingly. This method works well for those of us “driving convertibles”!

    First, fully flaccid, I put on my Innerwear sleeve adjusting the silicone ring in the tip just behind my corona and the attached fabric “cock ring” behind my balls as you would normally. Next, I begin a prostate massage along with some kegels to achieve a “semi-erection,” squeezing my shaft to force more coronal flare & head girth. Next, I place the rubber constriction band (supplied with Innerwear) firmly around my shaft base as far back as possible, against my pelvic bone, trapping some blood & holding about a  40-60% semi-erection.

    Next, I squeeze my shaft again, working more blood into my glans causing even more coronal flare, while simultaneously adding a steel horseshoe cock head ring that I spread earlier slightly by a few mm, to fit over the Innerwear sleeve just behind the silicone ring surrounding my corona. This locks more blood in my glans which enhances my coronal flare even more than just the Innerwear alone. (You could also use a rigid O-ring or a smaller rubber constriction band in place of the steel head ring. Just MAKE SURE it’s not TOO TIGHT!. (We’re only holding extra engorgement in the glans, but need adequate blood flow to keep him healthy, so MONITOR yourself until you have the correct constriction to fit your own personal DONG girth!)

    Next, I put on my black Innerwear sleeve, folding it back over my engorged penis to my base and finally add the flesh colored premium sleeve over top of my penis from glans to base reinforcing my engorgement. Lastly, I add the corkscrew, clamping it just behind my glans, the Innerwear silicone ring & the horseshoe head ring, then firmly at the base of my penis.

    I’ve been doing this for several weeks , and I’ve realized my penis stays engorged with a noticeable improvement in my glans size & coronal flare the entire time I’m wearing my Stealth. Even more importantly, my glans are noticeably larger with the enhanced coronal flare after I’ve removed my Innerwear for an entire day … I’m also feeling more stretch (fatigue) when wearing my corkscrew with the added head ring on.

    I’m Just passing along my own suggestions for those of you who own Stealth Innerwear to try, if you enjoy “passive PE”. Hope your results are as encouraging as mine have been! Just monitor yourself CLOSELY until you have determined the amount of constriction you need to hold enhanced engorgement in your glans, boys! You’ve only got 1 DICK, REMEMBER!


    Stealth Man

    Thanks for the detailed and informative post JITB.

    36 hours straight while wearing the Corkscrew… thats amazing!

    We hear quite often from guys reporting new and exciting ways to use Stealth by actively exploring their own creative combinations.

    I am curious do pump at all or rely more on jelqing initiate engorgement?




    John Graves

    Interesting, thanks for the info



    Great info!



    I’ll offer a little backgound on myself…

    I’m a veteran PE’r,  and I was “gifted” genetically with a bigger Dong than most guys, flaccid.  I was an athlete participating in 4 sports year-round since I was in jr. HS. I also matured earlier than most guys, so it was “evident” in the locker rooms & showers I was packing a larger flaccid than my teammates.  I got a lot of “attention” as a result and some ribbing of course, from by buddies.  It was kinda a joke among my friends, which naturally led me to consider just how big I might be able to grow my package as an adult.

    I began doing some regular jelqing and stretches during HS, and remarkably my penis responded by becoming even larger, measuring slightly more than 6.25″ in length & 5.25″ in girth (flaccid) before college. I’m relating all this to emphasize that I never lacked confidence nor felt I was inadequate, in fact my bulge was always the first part of me to enter a room (LOL!)…I simply enjoyed “experimenting” with seeing if exercises would make my penis grow larger in both length & girth, and it did! I also discovered that edging without ejaculating increased my stamina & libido tremendously; so instead of masturbating, I started to edge.  I think that also contributed to helping maintain flaccid expansion throughout the day, further encouraging smooth muscle growth in my penis. I also started wearing a surgical steel cock ring (around my entire package) daily, to better assist in holding engorgement from jelqs, stretches & edging, soon realizing even better and faster cementing of the growth I was experiencing. Normal adolescent “Dong Play” became more targeted as I achieved more growth.

    I’ve never used an ADS extender, a penis pump, nor done any hanging or clamping.  I like “passive PE”!  I did use a vacuum-style extender for about 18 months logging over 2000 hours, but that’s the only device I have ever used prior to Stealth.  I achieved some gains from it, but I discovered some limitations in both product integrity and in it’s ability to achieve consistent reliable tension along my penis shaft which is what dictates “growth”, IMO. “Time under tension” is the mantra of penis enhancement for me, and I (personally) believe it is for most guys.

    When I discovered Stealth Innerwear & the corkscrew I was intrigued by both the simplicity of the concept and also how inexpensive it was compared to other PE devices on the market today.  It was perfect for me because of it’s ability to be worn “passively” and discreetly (without the corkscrew), while maintaining a consistent engorgement 24/7, not unlike a cock ring, but with even greater engorgement ALL DAY. I thought… it’s inexpensive, so I’ll try it! I ordered using the video instructions and mine fit perfectly!  I especially like the extra tug from the corkscrew creating an intense but comfortable stretch ALL DAY (when I’m at home), plus by simply loosening the tension a bit on the base & head of the coil, I can urinate easily without removing the device!  CONVINIENT, INDEED!


    After a couple of weeks wearing Stealth, I decided to focus on building greater head girth and more coronal flare (I told you I enjoy PE); so I began experimenting with an old metal cock-head ring I no longer wear. It was a horseshoe design with a gap between two small balls on the end of the “horseshoe”, making it expandable by bending the “shoe” wider.  I did that and placed it behind the silicone ring on the Innerwear sleeve, after kegeling and squeezing a bit more blood into my glans to expand him fully, then locked the head ring in place holding even more blood in my glans. I kept a careful eye on my penis for a couple of days to assure adequate blood flow…and well, you know the “rest of the story”…




    Interesting. Thanks for the in-depth description.

    Do you think that it added to erect size as well, or just flaccid size?



    It has increased my flaccid size quickly (both coronal “flare” and glans girth & length) and for me, that’s usually followed by erect cemented growth.  I’m a natural-born “shower” and gain from PE more easily than most guys who are “growers”.  I’ve never “turtled” and normally hang relaxed, because my pelvic floor is well balanced.



    Hello  Jockinthebox,

    If you don’t mind. Kindly tell me any one how to wear innerwear and take remove. Please you will send me your original penis video. It will help for me

    How to wear innerwear (with original your video) kindly sent me.

    How to remove innerwear (with original your video)

    Sent on my email [email protected]

    Wait your reply.

    Your customer
    Karachi Pakistan



    I didn’t make a video of myself putting on or taking off my Stealth.  I followed the video on this sight to learn how to wear it.  The video can be found under the “MORE” tab above.  Just follow the steps, it’s very simple.  I don’t wear the sleeve that comes with the basic Stealth Innerwear (shown first in the video); instead, I upgraded to the heavier premium sleeve worn over the top of the Innerwear for a greater constriction along my shaft.


    Christian Taylor

    I’m new to all this. I don’t know what song toys, head rings , and passive enlargement are. Please explain to me. I’ve been using an enlargement program with excercises teaching with videos. I’m a visual learner and the videos on Stealth kind of suck. Could anyone explain some of these terms to me please

    I’ve gained about 2 inches from my peNissan enlargement excercises but really want more. Especially in the area of head growth, girth, he accidentally hang and testicular/scrotal growth. Without sounding like a creeper, if anyone has made or found any helpful videos or images, please email them to me. I can’t figure out if I’m using my corkscrew correctly. My email address is [email protected]




    Good tip. Thanks.

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