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    Any one can help me about this issue during using innerwear.

    My penis   after every 4 hours pumping and shrink like erection for few second. Use continue wear or some rest. Its problem or not.





    Stealth for Men

    Hello Sheraz,

    I am not understanding your question but if you are pumping for 4 hours you are really over doing it. You should be only be pumping for 15 to 20 minutes… 30 max.

    Are you wearing the inner wear during your pumping session or putting it on afterwards?

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    Yeah mate, pumping for 4 hours straight is gonna kill you penis… Even if you jelq, it should not be that long.

    I used to pump, using the bathmate, then put on the Stealth innerwear which helps to maintain the stretch.

    Take care mate!


    Christian Taylor

    Try using manual excercises like jelqing.  I have used the penis Professor system as well as stealth and the two work great together. I wear my stealth most of the day.



    Holy Crap dude,

    yeah, man, way way WAY too much pumping, I mean …dude, way way too much.  There’s a book called Exercising the Penis (yeah, I know, but it’s actaully legit) by Aaron Kemmer.  this is one of the areas believe or not where Less is More a lot of the time.  it’s about the QUALITY and the rest.  also pay very much attention to what Kemmer says about the Body clues, that’s really key.

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    Stealth Man

    I sampled the content amazon’s “look inside” and see the book is comprehensive, clearly written with excellent demo pics. Considered to make a purchase until I noticed that the price was over $2000 for a new hard or soft cover!



    Yeah, I’ve seen this BS on Amazon before.  Not to woryy because i have the same info in another book:

    I actually own both of these in digital format and read them and do not know why they have different authors because it’s pretty much the same book.

    But listen to what i’m telling you man, you have to follow it to the T, and other are other things you must adhere while on the program:


    1.  Chill with the coffee, sugar and NO SMOKING.

    2. No Jerking off, yep that’s right.

    3. you Must Journal and you MUST follow the Circle of Gains AND Good/Bad Body Clues, MUST!


    you do those I guarantee you results in your EQ and strength, size.  for sure man.




    I actually am trying to get back on my Own PE program myself, so i will keep you posted as to what works/doesn’t work for me.



    Also when you start the program it is highly recommended that you do not use any devices.  No extenders, no pumps, etc. maybe stealth might be ok because it will prevent “turtling”.  Later on you can add Devices to the routine.  I know, your first instinct or reaction may be, “there’s no way this is better than devices”.  Just trust the process man, it works, but slow and steady wins the race , not doing it  more or do it faster, harder, longer.  No, that leads to injury and set backs.

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