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    Stealth Man

    thanks for the feedback on your experience using the Corkscrew… good to know how it is working out for you!



    I finally got mine, and am trying it out at the time of this writing.  I like the weight of it, and wasn’t expecting it to be that heavy. Is it lead wrapped in plastic, or some other easily deformable metal? I did end up having to take three loops off the end in order for it to fit well, without trying to stretch the penis too far. I’m wearing it with the custom Stealth that I ordered, and the size came out perfectly.

    Might I suggest more end caps for the corkscrew? In case someone wants to keep the removed loops and use them for something? (I suggest 6-8 in total. That way all ends can be capped, to prevent exposure to the metal.) I also noted that the metal can be extremely easily cut with a wire cutter, or side cutters, and it leaves a very clean cut, and is relatively easy to cap off.

    Overall, I’m liking it so far.

    Happy Stealthing 🙂


    Stealth Man

    thanks for the the feedback UD.

    The PVC end caps included with the kit can be taken on and off for switching around if need be. Otherwise the easiest way to seal the lead wire after cutting would be to wrap it with black electricians tape.




    So when I ordered my first inner wear and corkscrew I ordered too large. So then I ordered a smaller size inner wear which fits great but the retaining ring is still a bit too big.

    Can I order a smaller retaining ring?

    For the corkscrew, if I ordered smaller with the inner wear, should I have also ordered a smaller corkscrew?

    Are the coils for the corkscrew(actual metal) the same for all corkscrews or is the actual metal smaller or larger in diameter based on the size ordered?



    Christian Taylor

    To be honest, I have yet to make a habit of wearing my corkscrew. I think it intimidates me. Like how do I comfortably and confidently wear it without my membership being waaaaaaay to prominent when I am on my feet for 13 hours in either slim cut jeans or shorts? Seriously. I want the benefits but I just don’t know own how to really get comfortable using it.

    I think the first step needs to be finally cutting a few rings off but I lost the little end cap thing. Assuming electrical tape will work to cap it?

    Any tips on just taking the plunge with it?



    If you have access to a hardware store (pardon the potential pun, given the context), I’d suggest picking up some plasti-dip, or something equivalent, that will adhere better, and won’t as readily fall off, as electrical tape might, and you do not want to be exposed to the lead core of the Corkscrew.

    But at least Superman won’t be able to x-ray your pecker, kind of, depending on how tight the coils are…

    As far as tips? I’m afraid I haven’t had time with the new job to even consider trying to wear the Corkscrew, especially since I’m also on my feet all day, but without the ‘luxury’ of shorts, or general comfort. But, at least I don’t have to wear a tie anymore (I hate ties.)

    As for plunging… It’d make one hell of a fishing weight 🙂


    Stealth Man

    By “Retaining Ring” you must be referring to the Retainer Band as opposed to the thin silicone ring attached inner wear… yes you can get this individually on request. Send a message to the support email for the invoice.

    The Corkscrew is highly adjustable to size so you should have no problem setting up the one you have to fit.

    The wire thickness of the coil is the same for all the Corkscrews.


    Stealth Man


    I would recommend wearing the Corkscrew in the privacy of your home where you will not encounter unexpected circumstances in which you might not have full control of the situation.

    Once you gain enough experience you will be in a better position to judge the sort of risks you want to take while wearing it.

    No doubt we are dealing with a different sort of beast that the inner wear which is a go anywhere/anytime sort of device.


    Stealth Man

    Plasti-dip or equivalent would give you a more professional finish but as electric tape is designed to prevent contact with electricity you can expect the same degree of protection from the lead wire. As the lead is exposed only at the squared off end of the cut you will have not problem created an effective safety cap.

    If you keep your phone in the front pocket of your pants your reproductive organs will be protected from the radiation 😉

    Actually it was suggested by a customer to rig some fishing weights between the double layer of the inner wear sheath to gain more extension. Lead wire is used to fashion sinkers by fishermen and it was obvious as soon as I seen the coil on the shelf how it could be incorporated as a penis extension device that would work with the inner wear.

    Plasti-dip was the first consideration but testing proved that the double walled, adhesive lined, poly tubing was cleaner, easier and more durable to produce than the dipped protective coating.


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