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    So I’ve had the inner wear for just over 3 months and not sure if it’s made a massive difference but I feel so much more confident when I’m wearing it. I bought the corkscrew and have been wearing it approx 4hrs a day ( due to life commitments) for just over a week.

    I have used other extension devices and they were all uncomfortable and didn’t give any good results. Even though it’s just been over a week I’m really enjoying the corkscrew and the stretch with the weight feels great, it’s just a shame it’s so bulky or I would wear it more.

    Has anyone seen any results with the corkscrew and if so how many hours a day are they wearing it and what increase have you seen flaccid and erect?




    I still haven’t gotten mine to work properly for any length of time so I can’t personally comment on its efficacy.

    It seems like it should work for a newer PEer based on what I’ve read elsewhere and maybe help gains from other exercises.

    Nobody has concrete results and nobody has tested it in a vacuum to see and as far as I know the only clinical studies used extenders.

    That said, many big PErs use some sort of passive extender or ADS and even golf weights, and claim it contributes to success.   If those work, then I would imagine the corkscrew to provide the same exercise and benefits.


    Stealth Man

    These observations and comments are accurate. Gains are made with a practice that combines various methods and devices which contribute to the overall effect training. The biggest factor would be commitment and the desire to exploit the exercises available. Of course, some are not that interested in a dedicated training routine. Whatever the case may be, consistency is key along with some basic manual jelqs and stretching.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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