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    Stealth Man,

    When I wear my Corkscrew, I often shape it so my penis hangs with a downward curve (so the bulge isn’t too noticeable).  This got me thinking.  Have you approached a Urologist to see if the Corkscrew could be used as a medical device to treat Peyronie’s Disease?

    I haven’t really done much research, but it seems the Corkscrew could be worn to hold a patient’s penis in a straight direction or to even bend the penis in the opposite direction of their curve.

    What do you think?


    Stealth Man

    Yes, I agree. The Corkscrew is capable of very specific shapes which can be used to counter any unwanted curvatures, We have had some positive feedback in this regard. Once we get the Vac-Hanger launched we will be better equipped, so to speak, to approach doctors with our range of Stealth products.

    For example, here is a custom rig a customer sent into us a few years ago.







    I still haven’t found a way to make it stay on for any length of time without it either falling off or my head turning blue.

    Not sure what I’m missing or doing wrong.  Any tips to help?



    One thing that works for me is to wear in this order:

    Innerwear (Make sure the silicone ring is sized correctly to keep your glans from turtling.  I had to order a custom size with a smaller ring with a larger girth sleeve. For example, I got an E length sleeve, 22 silicone ring with the sleeve tapering from the ring to mid-shaft from 22 to 30.  Took a few tries but finally got the size right.)

    Sabre Skin


    The surface of the Sabre Skin really helps hold the Corkscrew in place of the Innerwear is sized correctly to stay in place on the penis.

    Hope this helps.



    I also got a tapered version, though it was only size 24 silicone ring to size 30.  I can barely wear the size 24 for more than 30 minutes before the spot behind my head is burning from the silicone bearing too tightly, and that is without the corkscrew on lol.  I also have one tapered with a size 26.

    The problem is, it just slowly slides off as I walk around, even when wearing everything as you have mentioned. And by slowly I mean, just walking around my home for 5 minutes its already having problems, making wearing it for any length of time too troublesome to bother with.

    I know there must be a way to make it work….

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    Stealth Man

    Whaim, if you are having an intense burning sensation then the silicone ring must be too tight!

    You can remove coils from the Corkscrew for a smaller/lighter coil that is easier to put on and wear for longer periods of time in comfort. You can also tighten the coils along the entire shaft to help distribute the load and a more secure fit.

    This is the set-up I wear for 8 hours or more before fatigue sets in and I need to take a rest.

    I am only using a few twists to tighten the coils directly behind the glans here as you can see the space behind the coils along the length of the shaft.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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