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    M Lewis

    I have had my strapless and Sabre skin on daily since my order arrived. I enjoy the added stretch it provides and it has a very natural look in my pants of choice.

    So I  go see an acupuncturist every other week for better sleep etc…..  On my last 2 visits I have worn the same shorts I have always worn to my appointment. I guess I didn’t even think to remove my new stealth products and entered the room as I always have.  He asked me the normal questions and said hop up on the table. It was then I realized that my package was very obvious.  All the needles were placed in the normal spots except I was asked if I would mind sliding my shorts down a little.  I said no problem. He placed a few more needles and then decided he needed to place a few more lower and asked if I could pull more shorts down just a little more.  I complied and he placed a few more.  By this time I was feeling a little nervous but also wondered if he was curious why my package was bulging.

    He came in and reset the needles a couple more times during the hour appointment and when it was over I smiled as I headed out for the day.  I will continue to wear my Stealth products proudly and let the world wonder what is underneath those fitted shorts.  I am extremely happy I made the purchase and love the new found confidence.


    Stealth Man

    thanks for sharing the story M Lewis. I used to go and get foot massages from the Chinese women while sporting my Stealth which was quite arousing as well so it made quite an impression 🙂


    Christian Taylor

    I’ve had similar experiences. Speaking in front of large groups but forgetting that I was sporting my stealth. I wanted to say, “My eyes are up here, people!”



    Christian, you have some priceless stories i always enjoy re-reading.

    With your astute guidance and collaborations with Stealthman and Bruce G, even i am getting a stare of astonishment. (Grinning in appreciation)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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