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    I’ve been wearing Stealth overnight. I wake up middle of the night when I have my “morning wood” with pain… I have to remove my Stealth right way. My question is? May I wear Stealth overnight while sleeping?


    Stealth Man


    You can definitely sleep while wearing your Innerwear with no problem.

    However you will need to test and see whether you can comfortably wear the spandex sleeves and/or Retainer Band layered on top. If you combine all of the accessories it can construct the erection to the extent that it must be removed to resume sleeping.

    If your Innerwear is brand new that also could be a factor so give it a week or so to properly break-in to fit before coming to a conclusion.

    If you have already eliminated these likely causes then you can be sure that you are wearing a size too small in girth.

    I am interested to hear your reply.








    Hey Pedro

    I had the same thing when I first started wearing it. It definitely got better as the fabric stretched out a bit. I also don’t wear any sleeves with it, that hasn’t worked  for me so far, but I may try and work up to it.





    You can definitely wear it overnight, I bought a size a little bigger girth for when I do PE so I wear that when I sleep so when I get erections it doesnt constrict it at all.



    I wear it overnight and it is great. Unless your retainer is too tight or you have too many lawyers on it should be comfortable.



    I prefer to wear all day,  and rest overnight. But you definitely could wear at night

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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