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    I am a beginner.   Interested to hear from anyone who has been doing this for a while.  Waiting on my order to arrive.   Would love to hear what has worked and not worked.  Possibly get some guidance or mentorship here.  BTW I have foreskin



    Heya IntactSkin,

    I’d have to suggest reading around in the forums and you’ll find some pretty good information. If you have any questions after that, I’m sure someone here will be able to answer them. Since I was snipped against my will when I was a baby, I no longer have a foreskin, so I’m afraid I won’t be a lot of help in that specific area.

    But as far as general usage of the Stealth, once you get it, I can only suggest starting out slow, and only wear the actual sheath initially, and let your penis get used to it. It will take time to adjust, and the sheath will take some time to relax a bit, and fit comfortably. It will be tight at first, and you may see some interstitial fluid bumps forming around the glans of your penis (depending on whether you wear the sheath with the foreskin retracted or not, I suppose, but again, I can’t speak to that specific area. If the bumps form, just take off the sheath, and let your penis rest for a while (perhaps a day or two), then try again.) Wear it for short periods of time initially, until you start to get used to it. Then you can move up to longer periods of time, and perhaps add layers (they help to make it more rigid, but they also will squeeze harder on your penis, so be ready for a tighter fit. It can also make it harder to pee when wearing the Stealth, so be ready for that, too.)

    Anyhoo, take it slow, and use the additional sleeves and silicone ring once your penis has adjusted to the main part of the stealth, and the additional layers.

    Good luck, and happy Stealthing.



    Hi UmbralDragon and IntactSkin,

    You both have more experience than me, though I think I learned a technique I like so my foreskin is in the best place.

    IntactSkin, your notes did not mention if retracting your foreskin is as easy as it is to rollback mine. Guessing you may have some ease with this (instead of intensely tight foreskin that seldom retracts fully) I’ll describe what I did.

    After my morning warm shower, I open the InnerWear’s cock-ring and seat it surrounding the entire back of the scrotum and over the base of my penis’ shaft. The cock-ring feeling is pleasant and not needing the convenient snaps to add even more tightness. The printed name of “STEALTH” will be upside-down and directly adjacent to the pubic bone and skin above the base of the shaft of my penis.

    Then I squiggle both my thumb and forefinger downward and through the  bluish-translucent ring of silicone to firmly grasp/pinch the head of my penis while pulling my penis through the InnerWear woven shaft at the same my free hand is pinching the edge/base of the InnerWear woven shaft to hold it in place as my penis slides through the woven fabric shaft. (Sometimes I bungle this move and need to start over.

    This trick may be useful for IntactSkin…. When my exposed penis head (glans) is properly outside the InnerWear shaft, I lift my now-encased penis so I can see what amount of foreskin is still outside the silicone ring and bunched beneath my penis head. Then, I use my left thumb and first two fingers to grasp my penis head and foreskin covering the frenulum….while my right hand’s thumb gently prys away the silicone ring from the shaft of my penis enough to  let my right-hand’s thumb and forefinger have a secure hold of the silicone ring on the underside of my penis — where the frenulum is located. Since my right thumb and forefinger are holding the InnerWear’s silicone ring, my left-hand’s thumb and middle-finger pinch the skin of my penis located on the underside of my shaft and pull the extra skin downward toward my scrotum so my foreskin suddenly slides from outside the silicone ring to being neatly hidden inside the InnerWear woven fabric sheath. Finally the silicone ring is seated exactly beside the coronal edge of my penis’ head.

    Readjusting the cock-ring to be as far back and beneath my scrotum and as snug against the pubic bone is the next move before stretching one or more of the rubber bands to reside just behind the silicone ring. On occasions I add, as a layer, the next larger diameter rubber band by Stealth For Men. This increases the squeeze of my penis shaft and prevents the glans from slipping inside the InnerWear when I am running, cycling or teaching my courses at the college. Sometimes this is too tight and I cannot pee.

    Adding the black Lycra… then the sand-colored Lycra often enhances the constriction just right… and sometimes these are too much. If at work, I’ll occasionally visit the restroom to check for great blood flow and to make adjustments to the layers of snugness.

    Some of you may notice sensitivity to the fabric of our underwear as it is constantly sweeping across my penis head — usually covered by foreskin. When our foreskins are retracted and seated securely outside the InnerWear silicone ring my penis head is getting much more friction than it is accustomed to experiencing. The pouch of the boxer-briefs I wear are especially kind to my penis in this “training mode.” If your underwear is irritating your penis head, you might consider using underwear designed by UnicoMundo, Jor, Clever, Obviously, and Xtremen. All these brands have some designs with contoured pouches that do not have a thick sewing seam running from the pubic mound to behind the scrotum. The seam threads can just be too irritating to our most sensitive skin.
    Wishing you well.
    Geesh this Stealth for Men creates some very pleasant feelings.




    Great post. Good to see more uncut guys here. I am glad to see I am not the only one with underwear issues. It is a huge adjustment to being exposed. I like boxer briefs second boxers while wearing Stealth.


    Stealth Man

    Agree and use the technique you mention of gripping the underside of the silicone ring with one hand (finger/thumb) and using the other hand to pull the skin at the base of the shaft (near the ball sack) to retract the excess skin of the frenulum that was remaining between the silicone ring and glans… very effective to draw the skin back inside the inner wear sheath.

    Another very effective method I have been using in particular with the longer ES (Extension Sheath) version of Stealth (no ball band) is to first put the thin spandex sleeve half way down the shaft and then fold the base of the inner wear sheath to easily thread the spandex sleeve thru it. Then position the glans ( covered by the spandex sleeve) into the folded opening of the inner wear sheath and unfold to get it started over the shaft. Pull the base if the sheath into position and remove the spandex sleeve which effectively pulls the glans past the silicone ring to be secured behind the coronal ridge.

    This method keeps the silicone ring from getting stretched out too much with insertion of the fingers and thumb.



    Stealth Man,
    You have the coolest techniques!
    Thank you for these tips.







    I received my replacement Innerwear yesterday.  Thanks for your help.  I got frustrated yesterday and threw it on my closet shelf.  I got it on today and wore it about five hours.  I even had to urinate twice with success (lol).  BTW, I bought the premium sleeves with my original order.  Do they need to match my newer Innerwear?



    Stealth Man

    Hello Kenj…

    Some users face more challenges in mastering the learning curve than others. Frustration can play an important role in this process as it indicates sufficient effort has been made. The breakthrough often comes after you disengage and reset before trying again for new insights arise that move past sticking points. Give it time to gather more experience and pay attention to the mechanical function as it relates to your particular anatomy. Much can be learned to optimize the performance of the device in this way.




    Yeah, another beginner.  Unfortunately, Burt Reynolds has passed and they didn’t cast me for Boogie nights.  I don’t thing it will save the relationship but she went there.  It’s not that as much as confidence.  I’m too hard on myself.  Ha!


    Stealth Man

    haha… that made me chuckle.

    Agree, it’s more of a confidence thing. Rare is the perfect body so I think we all have insecurities about the way we look. As I walk past my reflection in the shop windows, I am much more concerned about the bulge of my belly than the one in my pants, quite the opposite of my younger years… lean and fit with no Stealth.

    Yeah, we are much too hard on ourselves… but, that is no excuse to be a slouch either.

    Anyway, I guess the belly is a much easier “problem” to rectify. So I am currently on fruit and veggie blended smoothie “fast”. I am in my late 50’s and just a couple of days make a huge difference in the visual with less food in the gut.

    Hey, your joking about the relationship…  right?




    I am new to Stealth and looking forward to trying out the Innerwear. Thanks for all those who posted with feedback/comments.

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