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    Hi guys,

    I thought I would make a post where we could discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Stealthwear. The greatest advantages I find to be comfort and the ability to wear for long stretches of time, while the clear disadvantage being the inability to keep high enough tension compared to other methods of traction therapy. Stealthwear seems to work best as an addition to an already existing routine, in my opinion.


    Dave Zimmermann

    I love Stealthwear.  I have purchased quite a few of them.  My only complaint is that the gains you get while wearing the Stealthwear do not stay.  After you take it off you will go back to your original size.  With that being said, it really doesn’t matter to me.  I love the feeling of feeling larger when I wear mine.  I love the new flesh colored sleeves.  I sometimes just wear those instead and they are very comfortable.  All in all I LOVE my Stealthwear and will continue to order more when I need them.



    @Dave Zimmermann

    My gains stayed and I’m moving up to the next size after a month of consistent daily use for 8-10 hours. Maybe you’re not wearing it properly?


    The only disadvantage I’ve found is it makes it slightly difficult to urinate. Slows down the flow and not easy to shake off the final drips.



    When you remove the stealth of course your penis will react to what might reassemble your original size before you started wearing it. What you are seeing (because you physically can’t, it’s impossible) is all the micro tears the stealth has made to your penis in the past 8-10 hours. Everyday you wear it you are SLOWLY making your penis more but believe me, you won’t physical see results right away because of how slow the growing process is in your body.

    Keep wearing it and keep measuring once a week. I guarantee with measuring you will see the difference.

    When I got mine I measured 3in girth 3.5Lth

    Now only a month of consistent wearing, I measure 4.5 girth and 4Lth

    But I couldn’t see the change, I had to measure to realize it.


    Stealth Man


    The urination technique needs to be adjusted to avoid any leakage from happening afterwards. The key is to relax and contract the PC muscle 2-3 more times than usual to completely drain the pipes. You don’t want to make the mistake of being in a rush and assuming everything is done only to realize later… it wasn’t. Another tip is to remove the Retainer Band to piss and then put it back (at the base) when finished. This will effectively act as a “stop cock” to prevent any leakage after the fact.

    Also when new the fit will be tighter and urination more challenging. During the first week or so the sleeves might make it too tight for successful elimination. Once the materials break-in for a more relaxed and comfortable fit then one or the other spandex sleeves can be worn until broken-in and then both at the same time if that better suits the purpose on a given day.


    Christian Taylor

    I love Stealth.  I use it in conjunction with enlargement excercises.  I am having to order a substantially larger set after 10 weeks of use. My results may not be typical, I really don’t know.  As far as gains, you gotta remember that the main purpose of the system is giving you a full flaccid hand rather than the shrinking and turtleneck effect that some of us ‘growers’ experience.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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