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    Well, I received my first Innerwear about a month ago and had a couple of questions.

    I’m still working with Bruce to get just the right fit (4th try will be a custom order; fingers crossed!). The problem is the flaccid stretched girth behind the glans is about 3” but the flaccid stretched girth shaft is just over 3.75” and erect girth is 5.75”.

    Anyway, I have been wearing the latest size and need to use a band to keep the glans from slipping into the sheath.  The problem is that the underside of the glans (corona?) gets very tender and red.  It looks like the skin is peeling just a bit due to the irritation.

    Is this just part of the typical acclimation that is expected when you just start out? I had seen something from Stealth Man where he said it would take some time, but wasn’t sure just what sorts of adjustment others have experienced.

    Can someone tell me if this is normal or if I’m doing something wrong?




    Stealth Man

    Some guys require more of a conditioning period than others… some none at all. The key point here, if you do experience irritation and redness you should take some rest for a few hours or overnight. The sooner you rest the sooner you can resume wearing again.

    The biggest contributor to irritation in the area occurs when there is excess skin left between the silicone ring and the glans. When the underwear and pants compress the glans it will trap the sensitive skin of the frenulum and pinch. Friction will occur when walking which causes the irritation.

    When putting on the Innerwear you can draw the excess skin back into the sleeve by holding the silicone ring on the underside of the glans with one hand and use the other to pull the skin at the base of the shaft near the ball sack. Make a final adjustment of the silicone ring to seat it directly behind the coronal ridge of the glans.

    As we have been working on your resizes at the support email I am not sure what your history is.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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