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    Christian Taylor

    Sometimes when I take my Stealth off a dribble  a little cum

    Like half a palmul. Does this happen to anyone else? Any idea why or how I can avoid it?



    I too experience this.

    i have assumed that it was/is urine, but now you have me thinking.

    i have also noticed that even though I am able to urinate while wearing the stealth, it takes a bit of “pushing” to start the flow. And the stealth is tight enough to stop the flow. Hence, I thought the dribble was urine.


    Christian Taylor

    In myour case it’s semen. What makes it awkward is I usually take my stealth off to pee, so if I’m stuck in a public bathroom, I’m dealing with cum in my hands.


    Stealth Man

    I am also familiar with the pre-cum that seems to collect on occasion. I notice it tends to occur more frequently after I have been aroused so I never really questioned it but yes I found it rather curious when it happens as well.



    I am happy that I am not the only one having this pre cum discovery. I connected it with the feeling of arousal. When I first started wearing stealth, it made sense that I was semi erect    It felt so good that without any outside stimulation of people, videos, fantasy, etc. I went into a bathroom stall and grabbed my stealth while on and easily ejaculated into the toilet. After a yr the stealth started to wear and the arousal now only happens by outside influence. I’ve developed a tolerance after a few yrs.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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