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    Customer Questions


    I have a few questions about your new product. Questions that was impossible to find on the website…

    1. It is unclear how to use the product. during the day? during the night?
    2. What is the frequency, daily, every 2 days?
    3. How many hours each time?
    4. how long should I use it? a year?
    5. what’s the expected results if I use it correctly? my errect length is about 13cm.
    6. Should I hand something to it? it is unclear why there is a white hole at the top.
    7. How can I know that the product is safe and cannot cause damages.

    Thanks, Customer Questions.


    Stealth Man


    Thanks for your interest in the new Stealth Vac-Hanger Pro.

    Extension training can be done at any time during the day. At which specific time depends on what works best for you… not unlike training for fitness.

    Vacuum hanging is possible at high intensity for short duration sessions of up to one hour duration. Frequency would depend on your goals, dedication and lifestyle. Ideally you would train twice a day or at least once a day or even three times a week. The most important factor is consistency.

    The accessory ADS belt system for All Day Stretching is ideal for low intensity long duration extension training. It can be set-up to wear under clothing during your normal daily activities for up to 5 hours or more at a stretch.

    The parameters of the training routine would depend for the most part on your commitment and interest. I personally like to take a one month or more de-conditioning break after 3 months regular daily practice.

    Results vary from individual to individual and are dependant on several factors such as age, body type, diet and nutrition, smoking and drinking habits, dedication and commitment to regular practice etc. It is well known in the PE community that some guys gain fast and easy while other “hard gainers” are slower to respond. However, 1/2″ gain in 4 to 6 months is not unusual with many guys claiming 2″ length gains after years of dedicated training.

    The kit include a selection of suspension belts for a variety of attachment methods for hanging weight. The kit also includes a traction cord for attachment to suitable anchor point such as a door handle or bed post with digital scale for measuring the equivalent weight under suspension…

    Safely hanging weight from the penis for size gains requires intelligent use with respect to the proper set-up and listening to feedback from the body in the form of sensations. The biggest risk to vacuum hanging is blister formation due to improper set-up and/or over aggressive pursuit of more weight for faster gains.

    When the principal of Stealth “Glans-Lock™ is applied the risk of blisters are practically eliminated with a cement like bond between the glans and Chamber walls which effectively prevents cavitation, or formation of an air pocket within the chamber, which is the leading cause of blisters.

    Safety is insured when the primary aim is to coax gains by inducing a sustained mild to medium state of fatigue or condition of plasticity for effective cellular remodelling. Risk becomes a factor when safety is ignored with blind pursuit of heavier weights for higher intensity irrespective of feedback from the body that would indicate otherwise.

    The kit includes an in-depth user manual with beginners template/routine logbook which covers all your questions in detail.

    Here are some photo of the product in use…

    Please note that the accessory ADS belt system is a separate $65 purchase with ankle, knee and waist belts for down the leg, around the waist and over the shoulder for low intensity/long duration extension training. All other components that are seen in the pics are included with the kit.


    Customer Questions

    Thank you for your response.

    So If I just want to hang it under my knee, overnight, every night. Is that enough?

    I am a non-smoker, no alcohol and on a balanced diet. I just lost 17 KG.

    I believe I wont do any exercises, only nightly passive stretching
    Considering the above , Can I get results in 3 months?



    Stealth Man

    Congrats on the weight loss.. excellent.

    I personally find that I get the best results with intermittent fasting ie. eating during a limited window of time. For example, 6 hours for eating with 18 hours of fasting per day… again, consistency, as with most things, is key.

    Yes, you can hang for longer periods at low intensity while sleeping… in fact, I will start experimenting with this routine myself. The key here is to explore sensibly with caution with the least amount of vacuum pressure (none) with less traction and build up slowly over time to find your own personal sweet spot.

    In this case, you will also get a chance for wearing the ADS while standing up and moving around before or after sleeping. I find the gently modulation of intensity while walking to be very stimulating and potentially an important principal, that being… the application of “traction modulation”.

    I think that you will also experiment with hanging weight, at least on occasion, as it is both interesting and fun… just to get an idea how it works even if it is not your primary method of interest.

    Yes, results can be had in as little as 3 months. However, this is such a personal journey that you will only know what is possible after you begin to experiment and, as always… listen to feedback from the body and adjust the intensity level up or down accordingly for the best results.




    Is that pic of 40 pounds hanging from a cock?!?



    Are the weights included as well? I haven’t opened the shrink wrap yet but from what I see, I don’t think they are in the case. If not included, do you recommend (or sell) any specific ones?


    Stealth Man

    @Sparkplug @phxchris18

    No the weights are not included with the kit… and that is not 40 lbs!

    Actually, it is six 2.5 lbs plates stacked horizontally with two 1.25 lbs plates hanging vertically for a total of 17.5 lbs. This amount of weight is not difficult to attain, however, beware of chasing numbers and over looking the optimum weight required to initiate the fatigue state.

    Yes, you can always get these plates at your local Walmart. Two 5, two 2.5, and two 1.25 lbs for just over $40

    Here is a screenshot of the same…


    I use plates similar to this one..

    We will be introducing Stealth Branded rubber coated plates at some point with a couple of .5 lb’ers included in the set for a total of 18.5 lbs.



    Thanks! I have the CAP brand weights ordered. I didn’t see it in the manual, is there a guide somewhere about starting with weights to avoid injury? Pounds for beginners, vac pressure, duration, etc?


    Stealth Man

    Yes, you will also find the companion manual with beginners template/user log book and suggested 3 month starting routine with all the recommended details for a progressive routine with respect to weight/vacuum/duration/frequency to safely reach 8 lbs after the 3 months.



    I’m back with another question. Page 11 mentions using the Far-Infared Graphene Heat Pad (purchased separately). Is there a specific make & model that is recommended?


    Stealth Man

    hello @phxchris18

    We are working on the digital 3D renders now for uploading to the product page before announcing the ADS Belt System and FIR Graphene Heat Pad for sale on the newsletter. I am not sure exactly when this will happen but you can contact the support e-mail at [email protected] to get advance access for purchase by invoice… or if you had any further questions.


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