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    1. How long should I wear the inner wear for? I’ve tried wearing it all day and night and had no issues, but I just wanted to see how long you guys wear it for.

    2. Should I feel a stretch? I don’t really feel much.



    I wear mine all the time.  I have not experienced any issues.  It has helped significantly with turtling.


    Christian Taylor

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I wear it all day u less it’s a situation like a jog, run, or swim (cold water, shrinkage, and it popped off. Praise God for the net in my trunks!). I use my corkscrew in the comfort of my own home so I can wearrange baggy clothes and get a full hang rather than my pants which are a bit skinny ( I refuse to be too old for skinny jeans 😎). I also want to not scare the neighbours by wearing the corkscrew in public. But the stretch of it is a great passive PE product.</p>
    As far as feeling a stretch, you might feel a tug here and there, but it should be comfortable. I forget that mine is in until I have to pee. If you want a stretch, get the corkscrew.

    Hope that helps.

    Happy stealthily and big dicks for all!


    Stealth Man

    With the Innerwear you are basically looking at a passive stretch so if you want something more active then as Christian mentions… the Corkscrew would be more applicable. Ideally you would be alternating the usage to maximize your time under extension.



    So, I’ve had the Innerwear for about a week and my Corkscrew arrives tomorrow (Thursday).  However, I noticed if I look at the underside of the shaft, it appears darker, like a bruise along most of the underside of the shaft.  Nothing extreme, but definitely noticeable,  anyone else experience this?  Also, there’s a small bump under the skin that’s a bit tender.  I’m wondering if I jumped the gun and pushed a bit too hard as a beginner.

    Should I rest and recover for a day or so before trying the Corkscrew? The Sabre Skin and additional Premium Sleeves arrive on Saturday (yes, I’m pretty excited I found Stealth!) but I don’t want to be so Gung Ho that I end up injuring myself.

    What do you think?


    Stealth Man


    There can be an initial conditioning period of a month or so. During this time you should take a break for a few hours or overnight as required, whenever you feel any pain or irritation beginning to occur. The sooner you rest the sooner you can resume wearing again.

    I am not exactly sure what kind of bruise you have. Is it in the area of the frenulum or lower on the shaft?

    When you wear it full size the weight can be substantial. It will be easier to put on and wear for longer periods if you remove a couple of coils.

    I would take care at this point to recover before upping the intensity with the Corkscrew.


    Christian Taylor

    Gerson, always follow Stealthman’s advice. If you have a bruise or sore area give yourself a little time off. Precious tissue there, and which cares how impressive it looks in your pants if it’s too sore to use or purple and swollen once the pants come off 😉.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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