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I just got it and cut it yesterday. This is the highest quality elastomer/rubber/silicone/stuff I have ever touched. This stuff is fancy! It has just enough stretch to put on easily. It is tight enough to keep you stretched out all by itself. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t trying and and every single combination and configuration. Not to be rude (but this is for science) I rolled it up like a doughnut and had it at the base like a cock ring and it was better than any I’ve ever had. Not that I’ve had many. Rolled up behind the head is not a configuration I’d wear out but it feels sooooo good. What I have on right now is a sleeve folded over twice and then the cyber skin. I have a band at the base and another right behind the head. It is so comfortable and it doesn’t have the lumps like I have had wearing skins and bands. It looks natural. I’d say unless someone was really really really checking out my penis I could even shower at the gym and no one would know. This is the best penis product produced…period! And the quality vs price??? I’d say it was cheap given the quality of this thing. BUY IT!!! I’ll give you an email this evening. I’m about to go fishing and I must say…my shorts bulge isn’t half bad!

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