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im Dicky or Dickie… I forgot how I spelled it. My story is simple kinda. I always turtled some. I was always shy at the urinals. A year ago (I’m 47) my gallbladder fell apart literally. I was hospitalized for seven days and nearly died at one point. I was horrified when I realized I had a catheter. When the nurse finally pulled it out my penis decided to run away and hide. He looked sympathetic when he was cleaning it and I wanted to hide too. I just knew he was hung like a horse and if I had felt better I would have died from embarrassment. After the catheter I had two sponge baths one from a guy and one from a gal. Naturally both were young and attractive. The sensation of having a stranger have to pull my dick to clean it fully was too much. I couldn’t even decide which made me feel worse having a man or a woman do that. After the surgery my dick seemed to stay turtled. When I found stealth I ran to order the strapless inner wear. I read to get that if you have big balls. My balls are huge which makes my dick look even smaller. Since then I’ve gotten the regular inner wear. I love having the strap, makes my bulge look insane. Since using this stuff my dick is firmer and longer when I’m not wearing anything. And Bruce is the man. He helped me and answered so many questions. He’s the best. I’m still new to it all oh but I love walking around with the corkscrew hanging down. Finally my dick hangs as low as my balls.
anyway hi everyone !

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