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hey guys… sorry for the late reply. We used to have a very active forum years ago on our old site with multiple daily posts with discussion on various topics. Unfortunately, we were not able to migrate to the new website and once we got these new forums up the action hasn’t been quite the same.

My use was very consistent with the standard Inner wear and then adding the spandex sleeves and retainer band for more experimentation.  Over the years we have developed new products such as the Corkscrew and Sabre Skin.

Now with the Vac-Hanger and new compression hanger in the works my attention is for the most part focused on product development.

These days for regular wear I tend to use the stand alone Ball Straps with Sabre Skin or Premium Sleeves folded into a double-layer.

I would say keep experimenting with the various options you have with different components as a process of optimizing your experience.

However, over the years I do have a number of favourite combinations that I will bounce back and forth on.

I found the level of nuance interesting to explore.


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