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Hi Sparkplug,

If you are unable to fit into the two smaller chambers 22/24 and barely manage to get in the larger 26 then I strongly suspect that even the 26 chamber is too small. You also mention the Glans-Caps being too small so this is definitely a question of finding the proper fit.

How does the 24 Sabre Skin fit along the shaft? If it is of suitable size then it would reconfirm the large mushroom head you described in your first message.

You would need to consider going up to the 28 or 30 girth chamber size with corresponding Glans-Cap and Vac-Seal. With the larger sized Chambers you may also need to create a larger diameter shaft which you can easily do with a second layer of Sabre Skin. This would be a fine tuning process that you would need to experiment with to know what works best.

The design is the same irrespective of the foreskin so it sounds like the larger Glans-Cap would be your solution here too. To retract the foreskin or pull it over the glans for extra protection would again require some experimentation to find with method or style of set-up works best for you.

We have additional chamber sets available in all sizes which includes the specific size Chamber/Glans-Cap/Vac-Seal for the set. These are exclusive to kit owners at the low price of $30 per set.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer then send me a message at the support email at [email protected]

Btw. the smaller chamber sizes are very useful for all day extension training with the ADS Belt system. In which case, the glans is inserted into the smallest possible chamber while in the completely flaccid condition with Glans-Cap for an even smaller compressed size.

For example, I am also size for the 24, but were the 18 and 20 chamber sizes for discrete all day wear while under clothing for low intensity long duration extension training as I go about my daily routine.

The foundation of the system is built around the flexibility of component selection for creative application to meet specific requirements.



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