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Review of the Vac-Hanger

I am fairly content with the functionality of the Vac-Hanger. Once I get it on and the few pounds of suction applied, it is very secure. I still wonder if my particular dimensions cause me some trouble. It is difficult to get the Glans Cap on with any amount of erection as it is much smaller than my glans. I have the 22, 24, and 26 sizes. 22 is definitely not possible. 24 is possible to get into place but very difficult to fit properly with the other two parts. 26 is also possible and slightly less difficult to fit properly, but it DOES fit and seal and work.

Foreskin: As with the InnerWear, I feel the Vac-Hanger is not designed with foreskins in mind. Putting the VacSeal in proper place with the GlansCap under the edge properly is always a hassle, because the GlansCap is too small, and my foreskin keeps just getting in the way.

Once the GlansCap and VacSeal ARE finally in place, the Chamber slides over with a bit of spit on the edge and everything works great from there.

I keep wanting to pull my foreskin over my glans and then put the GlansCap on top of that, but it’s way too small for that. But I think that for some men with foreskin this might be the best way.


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