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I am posting here because I was unsure of where else to share my two month findings.

So I have been trying to make the Innerwear system work for me and after almost two months, here are my findings:

1) Foreskin. The system does not seem designed well for lots of loose foreskin and I have yet to find a way to compensate for the difficulties:

a. putting any of the system on without pinching or pulling or otherwise owie on the foreskin.
b. the Innerwear always ends up sliding up the shaft and off because the foreskin allows it to glide along until it eventually overcomes the ridge of the glans.
c. the SaberSkins all suffer the same problem as the Innerwear

2) Grower vs Show-er: On the one hand we have measurements while flaccid. On the other we are told to get a partial erection to facilitate getting the Innerwear or SaberSkin on. I am *definitely* a Grower. I go from a little worm to a 7×5 cylinder capped with a big mushroom head. It’s not that I have an especially large penis; it’s just that a thing fitted for my flaccid doesn’t come close to fitting over my 50-75% erection. In the process of trying to stretch it on with the attendant pulling and rubbing of glans and pinching of foreskin, I totally lose my partial boner and end up just stuffing my tender parts through a fairly rough fabric tube. … I CAN DO IT THOUGH! It’s just real rough. Using the sabreskin to slide things on only adds an additional layer of material to control – it makes the whole process  way more difficult. Anyway, once the Innerwear is on, I tend to either watch some trusty fave porn or just close my eyes and think about fucking to get my erection back and that helps the glans stay out for longer.

3) Eventually, it all comes off anyway. Foreskin glides, bringing sleeve with it, eventually overcoming the ridge of my glans (with an uncomfortable rubber against tender skin rubbing, usually while waiting in line at the grocery store or something awkward) and falling off. Well, not all the way off, as the band around my scrotum keeps it from falling off and down my leg.

In conclusion, I think the Innerwear concept works great for circumcised guys or guys with perhaps less foreskin or tight foreskin? Not sure. But it just isn’t worth the hassle of putting on for the duration it is effective, which is about an hour.


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