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Stealth Man

yes, we sort of rushed this out for the Vac-Hanger owners. The VH user manual mentions using the FIR heat pad before session work to “warm up” the tissues and after session end to “warm down” for about 10 minutes each.

You can also use the heat pad during the hanging session but I personally find it a bit tedious and with the heat pad overlapping the rubber components which makes them too soft… so you want to use caution and include clear tape to secure the Vac-Seal onto the Chamber as added measure of insurance.

The unit is powered by plugging the USB-A to Micro plug into the port of your computer or a 110 adapter.

To turn the device on, hold the power button down for 3 seconds for a continuous RED light setting shows for “high”. Press the button again for the BLUE setting which is “medium” and again for the GREEN setting which is “low”.

Red setting is 55 degree celsius

Blue setting is 45 degrees celsius

Green setting is 35 degrees celsius

The Far InfraRed wave length is cooler that radiant heat, however, if you want a hotter feel you can wrap the pad tightly and preheat for 20-30 minutes before wearing.

You can also wear it with a tighter more secure fitting on the shaft for the hotter sensation but be careful that you do not burn yourself as such high temperatures are not required.

After use, note the deep heat penetration to realize how effective it is.

I hope that answers all your questions.




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