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Stealth Man

Good to see you again UD,

The cost for quality product doesn’t come cheap. We are also taking a big hit shipping international with some unexpected surcharges up to and over $250 which we simply had to eat for our customers.

The cost of operating a business includes the school of hard knocks specially when developing new products where numerous avenues leading to dead ends must be explored to find the optimum path to completion.

We spent well over 200k and 5 years of intensive development to bring this baby to market… so the returns are still not in our favour.

No problem, we are almost ready for the new compression hanger with the production moulds already made which now only require a few final tweaks to sort out…. besides the ultrasonic welding equipment we need for assembly.

Then we have to complete the case and foam design before production with instructions and patents applications to submit.

However, this has “only” been a three year project with much less capital involved so the price will be considerably lower that the Vac-Hanger… mind you it is no less innovative or lacking stellar aesthetics.

The new spring extender is still in the design stage… but wow.

Everything we earn goes back into new product development so when you make a purchase with us you are in effect supporting innovate tool creation that will make your PE journey more exciting and enjoyable with real results in the future.

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