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Hello GrowertoShower… welcome!

The key to the spandex sleeve method is to find the optimum placement on the shaft which seems to be around the 1/3 to 1/2 down the shaft. The difference being more difficult to get off after placement of the sleeve on the shaft or that the spandex sleeve gives way and pulls out before placement of the Innerwear. With a bit of practice you can dial in for the optimum placement. Mind you I am cut so the dynamic no doubt is not going to be the same.

As I understand it, you place the rubber cocking over top of the spandex sleeve behind the glans and then the Innerwear over top for easy removal after placement…  or possibly it is placed directly on the shaft with the spandex sleeve over top for a friction grip that is easy to remove after placement of the innerwear on the shaft?

It is always interesting to see the unique solutions different users are coming up with. For this reason Stealth now focuses more on providing a range of components in support of creative applications.

Thanks for the tip!

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