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@Sparkplug @phxchris18

No the weights are not included with the kit… and that is not 40 lbs!

Actually, it is six 2.5 lbs plates stacked horizontally with two 1.25 lbs plates hanging vertically for a total of 17.5 lbs. This amount of weight is not difficult to attain, however, beware of chasing numbers and over looking the optimum weight required to initiate the fatigue state.

Yes, you can always get these plates at your local Walmart. Two 5, two 2.5, and two 1.25 lbs for just over $40

Here is a screenshot of the same…


I use plates similar to this one..

We will be introducing Stealth Branded rubber coated plates at some point with a couple of .5 lb’ers included in the set for a total of 18.5 lbs.

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