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Yes, the male anatomical proportions can vary widely between individuals in so many ways.

We have our standard 99 sizes which grew out of necessity over the past 12-13 years after starting out rather naively with a presumed 15 size selections being more than sufficient. And beyond that, for even more personalized fittings, we manufacture to meet the need for an array of custom sized configurations, nature of the beast… so to speak.

This involves for the most part tapered sleeves which are wider at the base that taper down for a tighter fit behind the glans at a mild angle or straight to mid-shaft before tapering steeper down to the glans.

We also have guys who require straight cut sleeves with a size or two smaller silicone ring when the shaft is thicker with a relatively less pronounced coronal ridge of the glans… to secure the flaccid in extension throughout the day without slipping back under the silicone ring when bending over or sitting.

In your case, we have the self described “Portobello” effect… which is something to be proud of in my estimation. Now this may require some adaptation with a smaller sized Sabre Skin over the shaft, your current 24 girth sound about right, combined with a larger Chamber size, Glans-Cap, and Vac-Seal.

One could even experiment with a double layering of Sabre Skin to bring the shaft diameter more into alignment with the chamber base to see if that would offer a suitable path of optimization in the pursuit of the ideal set-up.

For this purpose, a larger chamber set including the Glans-Cap and Vac-Seal seems to the direction to take at this point. Stealth offers, exclusively to kit owners, additional C-Sets of any size at $50 for the first set and $25 for additional sized sets after that.

However, in your case, as I had advised to go ahead and break the shrink wrap seal we can make your first C-Set selection at the same $25 with additional sizes for only $25 as well. All sizes include all three components… Chamber, Glans Cap and Vac-Seal.

Chamber sets will not be available for purchase to the general public at any price.

Take your time to consider and then let me know what you think.

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