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Stealth Man

Good to hear your initial feedback.

​Firstly, yes… we will be making a comprehensive series of video instructions once I get back to the factory on the 18th of this month.

​The idea behind the user manual is to provide 4 basic methods for setting up the device. It will be up to the user to experiment and find out through the process of experience which method they prefer. I find that I generally stick with a particular method for a couple of weeks and then make some adjustments for a different feel which may include the use of a different size chamber. Further down the road as you gain more experience the options are exponential for fine tuning the set-up to meet your unique creative impulses.

​Right now, as a beginner, the choices are certainly wide open and which path to follow to the top of the mountain will not be exactly clear. However as you endeavour on your journey specific paths will open up for passing certain sections before a plateau is reached, where, again… various options will present themselves with false starts and resets along way to becoming an expert climber, or in this case… expert hanger.

​For the most part, the kit is an extension training device designed for making length gains, however, as mentioned in the manual, you can incorporate the advanced techniques for bundling and fulcrum hanging for some emphasis on girth gains as well.

​I appreciate your thoughts and will include this post as “customer questions” on the Stealth forums so that you can follow along for updates on the video instructions that are coming soon.

All the best!

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