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hello @Sparkplug… good to hear about your initial experience with the Innerwear.

Putting on the Innerwear easily would indicate that the size is correct, however, the engorged glans also indicates a tight fit but not so much that you would want to make any size changes quite yet. If the fit was really too tight the engorged glans would be dark purple with some degree of discomfort which would demand immediate attention. I suggest giving it some more time for the break-in period in which the material will stretch out to fit over the first 7 – 10 days of daily use. The cooler glans is not a problem as the temperature of the glans fluctuates normally although more frequently under extension.

As your observation skills are sharp you can keep a close eye on things as they progress before coming to a conclusion on fit. Let me us how it goes as it will be helpful for others to hear about your experience with feedback on potential remedies and what-have-you’s as the fit stabilizes.

We do offer custom fittings when required, which typically involve tapered sleeves to a tighter fit behind the glans or a straight sleeve with smaller silicone ring when the shaft width to glans size is not so pronounced as well as substantial discounts on straight up resizes etc. Btw. you can send your request to the support email at [email protected] to receive a link to the demo videos for wearing the Innerwear, Sabre Skin and Corkscrew. We even have a video for setting up the Premium Sleeves with a few folds over top of a Retainer Band positioned behind the glans combined with the Ball Straps… which I have been wearing most recently to good effect.

Regarding your new Vac-Hanger… congrats!

I would not worry about the size selection as the fit of your innerwear is so close that it would not be of much consequence one way or the other. In fact, I wear the 24 girth (D series for length too) as well and rarely find myself using the 26 girth chamber with more focus on the 24 and 22 chamber sizes. The 26 is there if you need it but I feel users will tend to size down on additional chamber purchases when they want to expand their range of chamber options. Particularly for ADS extension training in the flaccid condition with low intensity all day stretching. For this purpose, I wear the 20m or even 18 girth chamber sizes. The larger size is always there for glans expansion purposes and future gains in size.

Thanks again for your posts!

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