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Congrats on the weight loss.. excellent.

I personally find that I get the best results with intermittent fasting ie. eating during a limited window of time. For example, 6 hours for eating with 18 hours of fasting per day… again, consistency, as with most things, is key.

Yes, you can hang for longer periods at low intensity while sleeping… in fact, I will start experimenting with this routine myself. The key here is to explore sensibly with caution with the least amount of vacuum pressure (none) with less traction and build up slowly over time to find your own personal sweet spot.

In this case, you will also get a chance for wearing the ADS while standing up and moving around before or after sleeping. I find the gently modulation of intensity while walking to be very stimulating and potentially an important principal, that being… the application of “traction modulation”.

I think that you will also experiment with hanging weight, at least on occasion, as it is both interesting and fun… just to get an idea how it works even if it is not your primary method of interest.

Yes, results can be had in as little as 3 months. However, this is such a personal journey that you will only know what is possible after you begin to experiment and, as always… listen to feedback from the body and adjust the intensity level up or down accordingly for the best results.


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