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I was just reviewing the questions and note that I overlooked a few of them.

Hanging weight from the penis, whether it be a vacuum or compression hanger, is the most effective means of achieving gains in length. However, girth, at least in the flaccid condition… is intimately related to length. When length gains relax the penis will fatten up with the redistribution of mass for a heavier overall flaccid hang.

With respect to erect girth gains there are a couple of simple “advanced techniques” that can be implemented such as bundles and fulcrums.

Bundles involve rotation of the shaft 180, 360, or 540 degrees to effectively twist the penis around by 1⁄2, 1, or 1 1⁄2 times. Twisting of the shaft activates the cellular structures for accelerated gains in both length and girth. This effect is similar as twisting a wet towel to wring out the excess water with the increased potential for tissue expansion with re-absorption of blood after the torque is released.

Step 1: Twist the shaft around to the desired number of rotations.
Step 2: Insert the Carbon-Fibre Tube (included with the kit) through the carabiner and use the thighs to secure in place when standing and the ankles when sitting.

Free spinning manual rotations are another possibility. For this method, manually spin the desired number of rotations in one direction and then release, or hold, before spinning back in the opposite direction. Experiment to find the most effective speed of rotation and duration of hold.

Fulcrums utilize the Carbon Fibre Tube (included with the kit) placed over the thighs in the seated position. The shaft of the penis, with Sabre Skin left remaining full-length, is draped over the tube for hanging weight.

The diagram below illustrates how the Carbon-Fibre Tube acts as a fulcrum to harness the power of leverage and weight for amplification of the stretch around the fulcrum.

L= leverage / F=fulcrum / W= weight

For glans gains the larger sized chamber can be used for hyper engorgement of glans under vacuum. In this case, the chamber size must be accurately fitted to prevent over expansion to the point of tissue damage which will be indicated by an easy to recognize “stinging pain” that will become unbearable if ignored for too long. As always… pay close attention to feedback from the body in the form of sensations and respond accordingly.

As you have three closely sized Chambers in each kit, one smaller and one larger than your size selection ie. if you select size 24 you will also receive the 22 and 26 sized Chambers. The fit can then be precisely modulated with more or less tape to achieve the optimum level of engagement while also establishing a friction grip to help secure the chamber in place to prevent slippage under the applied traction achieved by hanging weight.

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