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The price is $375.

The initial 300 launch units will be available on a “first come/first serve” basis so depending on your size requirement some will be selling out faster than others.

The sizing is for girth only so if you already wear a particular sized Innerwear or Sabre Skin then you would stick with the same girth. For example, if you use the D24 Innerwear then you would select the 24 girth Vac-Hanger Pro.

We have an in depth user manual included with the kit along with the beginners routine template to follow. We will also be having some demo videos made once I get back to the factory on the 18th of this month.

We can also share our experiences here to get a better understanding of the tips and tricks that can be used to optimize your experience. The first month or so is recommended to use lighter weights with the emphasis on the proper technique for assembling the device for wearing while paying close attention to differentiate the array of sensations arising from the body as a form of feedback.

During this time conditioning of the urinary meatus or pee hole to vacuum exposure will take place as well. However, there are numerous strategies to minimize this effect.

As a side note: there are many possible options for setting up the components set so we can get quite creative in coming up with new and unique styles or methods. The User Manual details the 4 basic methods but sub variations are a plenty.

I look forward to sharing more in response to hearing feedback from others.

Btw. the comfort level is amazing although the fatigue state, which is the aim of hanging, can begin to set in as the hour long session counts down. However, we have several strategies that can be used to minimize or maximize this most desired effect… depending on what is required to maintain the optimum state of plasticity for cellular remodelling.

Optional set-up using kit components (except the weight plates)…

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