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Hi Christian,

The price point will be announced during the email launch sequence. However, I can say with certainty that the “bang for the buck” is an excellent value as the Vac-Hanger Pro sets totally new standards for this category of device.

I can’t wait to share the two Vac-Hanger Pro demo videos that we have in the email queue as well, which for now, are exclusively reserved for the newsletter prelaunch sale.

If you are not sure you want to make a purchase at this point, I suggest you sign up for the pre-sale offer and then if you change your mind you can always cancel.

Interest so far is very strong so you want to be in the queue earlier rather than later as the inventory is limited until we are able to get up to speed on the production and delivery systems.

Btw. I just put in a request to host the live videos on site and also get the PM’s fixed as you have requested. Obviously, this is such valuable feature that we need to support a strong community here on the Stealth forum.


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