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Stealth Man

“Keep in mind that swim gear will dry quickly, Stealth inner wear will not. I have also brought a 2nd set of Stealth to change into after pool time is over and out and about the rest of the day”

This is a very good point… thanks for the mention.

Personally, I like to wear Sabre Skin cut a bit shorter for moderate extension and wear a second layer on top for better balanced length x girth ratio. I will also wear the ball band depending on the expected level of social engagement… which usually calls for true anti-retraction purposes rather than outright attention getting augmentation.

As spamscottc rightly points out, the type of suit you are wearing will have a major impact on the effect… so the combination of components will require some experimentation to find the optimum set-up to meet your particular preferences.

Over the years I have found this to be an ongoing process of nuanced refinement and testing of new combination variants.

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