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There is a device out there for guys that have ED. It holds the penis in a stretched-out position during sex. It has a ring at both ends, the one at the tip spreads open to allow you to slip the head through.  You then attached the base ring and slide the front ring locking device forward, closing the front ring tightly just in back of the head (Don’t know if it actually works, not willing to throw out $250 to $300 dollars and end up with my penis pulling back through the front ring.)  I was wondering if Stealth had any products on the Cad system that would be similar.   After having robotic surgery to remove the prostate I ended up with nerve damage and one of the side effects is low blood flow into the penis and super retraction. Getting a device such as yours to fit has always been an issue because of the complications that happened during surgery.  I need a small diameter sleeve to keep the head from retracting through the innerwear or silicone sleeve. But the small diameter required to keep this from happening makes it almost impossible to put on .  I had to scrape off the silicone ring on my first order to allow me to wear the inner wear so I went up a size or two which works for a little while until the retraction starts winning the battle.  The bigger size innerwear means a bigger band that comes with the order. That is of little help. I always used the smaller band (28) to try and keep things in place.  I tried the Sabre Skin and managed to get it to stretch over the tip but once again the retraction will start to win the battle.  I would try wearing the devices at work where I spent most of my time on my feet.  Some of the issues I would have would come when I needed to use the bathroom.  taking everything off could be difficult and sometimes everything had fallen through.  Not sure how it happened but one time the innerwear fell off and somehow was lost.  It would have been great to wear something that provided traction for 5 or 6 hours, but I would think a corkscrew would be too noticeable and if that ever fell off, well I would have had to quit my job.  What we need is traction, easy on and off and not bulky.  I was planning on stretching prior to having a prosthetic implanted and was using your Stealth devices as often as possible.   Something less bulky to provide traction would be amazing and if it could be used for sex even better.

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