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Hi Mickey, thanks for the excellent post.

… and sorry for my late reply.

After an intensive three months at the factory in China wrapping up completion of the new Vac-Hanger Kits… I got Covid on the last day or while in transit because I had tested negative the day before leaving. Basically, I have been off-line the last four days with a hella massive vice like grip of a headache.

In any case, I am starting to feel better now so…

Much if not everything you say resonates with respect to the constant adjusting after sitting and just the uncomfortable sensation of getting stuck up due to excess retraction and the associated psychological discomfort.

Well, that was the driving force behind the development of the innerwear which in all honesty I wish I had discovered much earlier in my life as it would have derailed much of the mental conditioning aka “complex” that was built around this negative experience.

With respect to the combinations of components that are to be worn, as you suggest… this is dependent on numerous factors that need to be experienced and explored to find the optimum set up depending on individual situation and circumstances.

Hence, it is a personal journey that requires a level of self awareness with regards to not only the mechanics of wearing the devices but also the sensations as a form of feedback from the body.

With over 10 years experience I’m still finding new and unique combinations that I enjoy to wear.

Lately, I’m have been enjoying to wear the Sabre Skin with the Retainer Band on top directly behind the glans with a 1″ fold of excess SS at the base… along with the Ball Straps.

In the months previous to this I was wearing the premium sleeves in a similar manner with a few folds of the PS flipped around the retainer band behind the glans.

I enjoy the novel sensations of new and unique set ups so I am always exploring and also getting helpful feedback from other users as well on the different combinations that they are experimenting with.

There was a time, for several years in fact, when I also “would not leave home without it” and I’ve heard this same comment several times from other users over the years.

Once we launch the Vac-Hanger Pro I think we will see more discussion on “penis enlargement” as it will attract the hard-core PE enthusiasts. Till now, with the innerwear and even the corkscrew which are both non-traditional PE devices… we have been somewhat marginalized on that scene to some extent.

No matter,  Stealth has always brings innovation to the table so it’s going to be a very interesting launch once people realize how advanced our “traditional” PE systems are… and we have a complete line up in the works too.

It is an exciting time now that all the hard work has finally come to a point of fruition and we will soon be able to share what has been held in secret for so long.

Thanks again for your thoughtful post… I really appreciate it.

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