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Hi Guys!

I’m Mickey.  I’m new to this whole thing and found Stealth by complete accident while searching for something mostly unrelated.  What got my attention was the notion of retraining one’s member to not turtle, which is something that drives me absolutely crazy and I had previously been spending too much time either adjusting every time I stood up or sat down, or simply being uncomfortable.

My original order (strapless Innerwear for comfort and simplicity) was delayed slightly because they were temporarily out of stock in my size.  That ended up being lucky for me in retrospect because it gave me a chance to make sure my numbers were right, and Bruce helped me determine my measurements were correct.  Once I began wearing the Innerwear, Bruce helped me sort out my experiences so I knew what I was doing right, and what I need to be aware of, and also (thankfully) talked me out of a few ideas I had that would not have been helpful.  I asked him a lot of questions.  I mean, really, a lot.  Everyone who reads this need to know what a tremendous help Bruce has been, and how much I appreciate it.  He’s the reason the beginning of my journey with Stealth has gone as smoothly as it has.  (I’ll probably have more questions, sooner or later.  I’m like that.)  As I write this, I am on my fifth straight day of comfortably wearing the Innerwear, and loving how it feels.  I wear it about 12 hours per day (or maybe a little more if it’s a long day), and then take it off before going to bed.  It’s back on after my shower in the morning.  I have only had to adjust myself a handful of times since I started with the Innerwear this week, and I have no more, as in zero, turtling!

I’ve been reading the forums to educate myself as much as possible, so that I may be able to avoid asking a question (or a variation of one) that’s already been asked.  By nature, I am very curious, and look forward to exploring the many possibilities that seem possible with the products in the Stealth arsenal.

From my reading, I think the next thing I will add on top of the Innerwear after it’s broken in (maybe in about a month) will be the thinner double-length sleeve folded over that I use to slide the Innerwear on in the mornings, and possibly a retainer band or bands (I might need help with getting the sizes right on the retainer bands-my preliminary reading seems to indicate I should have two different sizes?).  I tried this out for the first time today out of curiosity (the double-length sleeve folded over), and found (1) wow that really feels good, (2) I like that look, and (3) wow, that sure is tight… I had better wait until I loosen the Innerwear up a bit more through use before wearing this configuration for any length of time.

I think I am in the process of, or have mentally integrated the Innerwear into my routine already and might be a future Stealth enthusiast of the sort that can count on one hand how many times I would have left home without it.  (After five days, I feel like it’s part of me.  How does that even happen?  I have no complaints, though.)  It’s been an internal confidence boost that I am still processing, and I feel like it will stick with me, plus for me it’s fun to wear, and I’m highly curious if in addition to already succeeding in (so far) eliminating turtling, that I may also get a boost in my flaccid length and/or girth as well.  It’s another experiment for me to dig into, which is fun from my perspective.  I also love to learn.

I know essentially nothing about penis enlargement, and as this isn’t my primary goal using Stealth products (being comfortable/no more turtling is my primary goal), but I may eventually want to learn some basics so that I can understand some of the threads in the forum (if you’re reading this and know a good primer on the topic that I can read or watch, please let me know).

I look forward hearing and learning from you.

Thanks for reading!


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