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My favorite brand of underwear is Separatec.  The double pouch design (one pouch for your balls, and a separate pouch for your Stealth-wearing-member) makes wearing the Innerwear much easier than wearing it with conventional boxer briefs or trunks (at least for me).  These two brands’ attributes compliment each other very well, and I’ve never been so comfortable in my adult life.

(I have no relationship Separatec other than being one of their customers.)

As for getting the rest of the way dressed and going outside, wearing the Stealth and Separatec combo in pants or jeans, it’s very comfortable, and I have more bulge than before, but not so much that it’s indecent.

Just for fun, I tried sweat pants on with the Stealth and Separatec combo.  My wife took one look at me in those and without missing a beat (but with a really big smile), said “I know you’re not going outside like that.”  LOL!


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