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Hi Tonyo51165,
I am hoping you have already learned how to slide into the Stealth for Men SABRE SKIN, …yet, I noticed this message from you was not answered in the forum.

In case your question was missed… slipping on the SABRE Skin is done after already slipping on the Stealth Inner Wear.

If the Inner Wear is in place with the ring snug behind your Glans, the ring will sit in the Coronal sulcus…the groove behind the head of your penis. Then you are ready to add the layer of the SABRE Skin.

The Stealth SABRE Skin that you have already cut to the proper length (probably discussed with StealthMan or Bruce) can be folded in half and stretched  enough to slide it over the Inner Wear so that the raw edge of the SABRE Skin rests immediately behind the Inner Wear silicone-like ring that is just behind the head of your penis.

Then, holding the tip your penis and the Inner Wear’s ring, you can unfold the SABRE Skin to cover the entire length of your penis. If you add any of the rings to hold these layers in place, this is the time to make the ring(s) secured.

Your body heat from the blood flowing to cells of your penis will influence the SABRE Skin to conform to you. The feeling can be mighty wonderful. Enjoy.

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