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Hi Tony,

Welcome to the forums.

The highly dynamic size fluctuations of the flaccid penis makes it hard to define gains in concrete terms. For example, you will notice immediate gains as soon as you take the innerwear off for the first time. The question then becomes but for how long do these gains last and after how many hours of training before they can be considered permanent.

Again, as you can imagine there are no clearly defined parameters that one can promise as everyone is different as far as age, body type/response, diet/nutrition, and not least of all smoking and drinking habits which can have a profound effect on vascular function.

It is a well known fact in the PE world that some are guys are hard gainers while other make substantial gains in short order with minimal effort. So it is a journey that requires some observation and adjustments made based on your personal experience to optimize said results.

I would recommend at least to include a manual jelq routine to aid and assist in attaining your goals, in fact I would look at it the other way around and say that the Innerwear is more of an aid to make permanent gains from your jelqing routine. The idea being that the constant 24/7 “passive” extension is highly effective for cellular remodelling between jelq sessions. The ultimate aim being erect gains which then have a substantial impact the flaccid condition to hang heavier with less tendency to hyper-retract or “turtle”.

Then, depending on your motivation, you can add other tools and methods such as the Corkscrew for “active” extension for 2-8 hours at a stretch depending on the time required to reach fatigue. From there you might want to include high intensity/short duration hanging methods such as Vac-Hanging for which we will soon be offering the most advanced design available for this type of device. Pumping of course in another possibility if you happen to become more ambitious as a result of making noticeable gains… which, as you can imagine, is the biggest motivation of all.

Having said that, we see guys upsize their Innerwear on a regular basis with subsequent purchases over time. How many are making gains as a result of the Innerwear alone is hard to say. But certainly upsizing will occur as the penis is trained to remain in the extended condition easier over time.

If you just want to enjoy maintaining flaccid extension by wearing the Innerwear  alone… that too is perfectly fine. No need to adopt any routine or exercise regime if it doesn’t suit you.

Enjoyment is the key to a happy life, which in the end… is all that matters.

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