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Stealth Man

Hi DC,

You can slice the wire with a box cutter as the lead is very soft… like a hot knife slicing through butter.

The suggested length of time to wear is a general 2-8 hours so 8 hours to start would be a “stretch”…. pardon the pun. It all depends on your experience so the more training you have “under your belt” the longer it will take before reaching the fatigue state.

I would think more about easing through the process rather than racing. Focus more on finding the optimum.

You don’t hurt yourself as this will cause a set back which will only slow your progress.

No problem, lesson learned… it’s a natural impulse to try and maximize your gains in the shortest period of time.

Now you have some experience to reorient more towards the sensation and recognizing when to end the session and the consequences of pushing the session too long too soon.

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