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Mr. Super Macho Man

@Stealth Man:

Interesting, I’ll have to try one of those Sabre Skins.  I notice it says, “girth resistance sleeve when pumping for length”.  That could be useful.  Once upon a time, I went to the trouble to actually call the offices of a pump provider (Kaplan, if he’s still in business), in order to make sure I was getting the exact size cylinder I wanted… with the aim of completely filling out the girth & thus forcing the length to expand.  (My idea worked, thought I was clever at the time)  …but the rep I talked to was this young lady.  Very ‘interesting’ conversation.  Never had someone just straight out ask me, “so what’s your girth?” at the top of a conversation.  She seemed like some kind of …connoisseur, on the issue (size & pumping).  I think she really liked her job.

As for the velcro ball band, I happen to be in the market for that, also.  Never actually had one, but I’ve come to realize that it shouldn’t be underestimated how much a large scrotum will ‘fill out’ / enlarge the overall bulge.  I’ve looked around a bit, but haven’t found a product that really looks like something I’d want to get.  Mostly all just a bunch of cheap plastic crap from China.  And I don’t really want to trust their dubious manufacturing practices (esp. when it comes to plastics) with something literally grabbing me by the balls.  So, looking forward seeing what comes out soon.


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