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Mr. Super Macho Man

Hi, it’s been a while.  Wanted to check back & see where things are with the C-ring (strap) only product.  I see you’ve added the “strapless innerwear” product.  I’m wanting the ‘strap only’ version, if you can make it happen.  It’s simply the best cockring I’ve found.  I know it kinda goes against the grain of what the Stealth product line is based on, but keep in mind:

1)  There is a functionality component involved.  Think:  during exercise.  I digress.

2)  There’s also a visibility aspect.  There actually are some garments where you definitely can’t get away with wearing the full Stealth… but the ring/strap still helps, and is desirable to have on in those circumstances.  Think:  e.g., the sexiest beach attire your mind can imagine.


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