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Stealth Man

So I bumped up the weight to 8.75 lbs for a planned 45 minute session that ended up 60 minutes in duration… and it feels great. With the extra 1.25 lbs has induced a full bodied state of continuous fatigue one session to the next (twice a day). You can feel this at the beginning of a new session with the peculiar sensations that occur as you suspend the weight. It can also be felt at any time during the session with a deep full bodied cough just to confirm. I use a technique I have termed “glans lock™” in which the erection is used to internally pressurizes the chamber for a very solid bond. I have tested up to 20 lbs for brief moments with only an mm or two of separation at the top of the chamber. It’s almost irresistible to not check so in the name of “testing” I have to try it and see  but for just a brief moment as it is far too much weight for me to be hanging.

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