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I have resumed hanging since one month ten days with only 2 days off. I starting up again at 5 lbs, once a day for a 1/2 hr session. Now currently at 7.5 lbs, twice a day, 1 hrs each sessions and just beginning to experience “fatigue” which is the optimal state for making gains.

After 7 months total time training I have gained a solid 1/2″ erect length. I measure conservatively and was very surprised to document the gain so clearly and super motivated to continue just for the fun of it.

Very important not to measure success on the weight used but rather being economical and efficient to get the most out of the least amount of weight. Counter intuitive and very difficult not to get caught up in the numbers but with a little bit of experience it becomes much easier. Hence the slow start at 5 lbs for the 1/2 hr session once a day.

I found myself wanting to jump up directly to 10 lbs today but just ignored the impulse. Slow and steady to maximum the benefits of using less weight/more time for faster gains overall.

Really happy with the system as it is working flawlessly.

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