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Thinking of Dusty Peaks’ discoveries and the arrival of my latest purchase of new InnerWear, I am grateful as always for your solid advice and patient coaching. The new InnerWear fits flawlessly, I am thankful to report. Currently I “suit-up” after morning showering and then drying with special attention to towel-drying the glans and frenulum.
1.)  If dry, the reaching through the silicone ring of the InnerWear and beyond the fabric base allows me to grasp the glans firmly (without slippage) and hold that grasp as I pull my penis through the InnerWear’s woven sleeve until the silicone ring sits exactly at the sulcus (the groove of the shaft below the glans and coronal rim.
2.) Then I open the SabreSkin wide enough to place its leading edge exactly even with the InnerWear’s silicone ring. The thermal properties of the SabreSkin respond after I unroll the entire length of the skin on top of the InnerWear to rest exactly at the base of the InnerWear shaft. The InnwerWear is then completely within a perfectly fitted SabreSkin tube that conformes to my penis by the thermoplastic properties designed into it.

3.) To prevent turtling when sitting or crouching (when high pressures are put upon the silicone against the sulcus and corona), I add a retention band or two to firmly seat the SabreSkin and silicone ring against my penis shaft and not slipping out of the sulcus and over the coronal edge.

Christian has taught me to randomly use massage of the entire shaft and head (like rolling out potter’s clay) to stimulate great circulation. IT FEELS great, too!

The new InnerWear is terrific. I must remember to re-order after so many washings so the integrity of the fabric and silicone are at their best. Thank you for making a meticulous product.


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