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We did our best to match the already existing flesh tone spandex sleeves and retainer bands. These were of course intended to match my own Caucasian genital skin tone colour. The problem is that natural skin tone is a spectrum of subtle colour variations that combine to create a general tone or shade. So whenever, a specific colour is isolated it becomes artificial looking. Take for example a painted portrait that is made of a single colour… and all realism is lost. A range of individual colours are needed that in turn optically combine to create a vibrancy that looks “alive”.

Beyond that, it would be difficult to incorporate several colours, which has been requested a number of times for both darker and lighter shades. Problem is, we already have 99 sizes in 5 different components which makes a total of 500 SKU’s! If we try to add a range of colours it becomes even more challenging to manage.

Not to mention we are already seriously pushing limits in a manufacturing world where orders less than 5-10 thousand of a single product or size is not appreciated.

I hope that doesn’t come across as a complaint… its just the reality.



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