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that is interesting yes…i always thought the same thing…pay $$$ for a bathmate but when you look at the physics (and biochemistry) a vacuum is a vacuum…no matter whether it is created by water retention or any other form of negative pressure…the key is to find an equilibrium between cell turgor (expansion) and mitosis (regeneration or sclerosis).

so i agree any vacuum will work..key is to keep the blood restricted within the tissue without causing oxygen starvation.

in any case it seems stretching will work before using the vacuum pump..

I also think the Sabre skin is a good product to negate penile retention after exercise…

regarding scrotum hanging i use simple bandages to slightly enlarge the skin beneath the penis…i also use some pipe clamps for weight…but for now i only use bandages to gently stretch the skin and avoid any rashes or other painful anomalies..

i wear it at problem

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