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I had a length increase of about 1/4″ to 1/2″ over a period of about 3 years, using a variety of techniques and gadgets.  to think you are going get your ligaments (not stretchy) to stretch much more than that is silly. Why do people Lie on this forum?  Now for Girth you CAN gain a fair bit, and penis pumps used at low pressures for extended periods of time, are the key to that, I alterante wet pumping and dry pumping, and I don’t use those stupid accordion pumps like the bath mate, that was a waste, just buy a couple regular tubes about a 1/4″ apart, and slow size up.  you don’t even need a fancy pump, you can use a tubing pinch lock off and your mouth for vacuum, in fact it’s safer, damage comes from pressures greater than your mouth can make, those are a mistake.  I do like the stealth products for after pumping and all day wear, Although I bought the Saber skin, and it split on me, so it’s made of a different material than the silicone retention bands, those are awesome, as is the lycra skin. I also hang ball weights on teh days I don’t pump, that is helpful for penis erection help too, get the long oval ones, not the rounf donut ones, the long ovals keep you balls from pulling through, it matters.

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