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Thanks for the response.  Much to consider.

I think what I had envisioned was more of a TPE glans cap.  Something similar to the Sabre Skin but its use was primarily to keep the glans warm. An added bonus was if it helped with retraction.

Is the Vac Hanger product similar to the magnetic ring device, in that its found through a special link. I was unaware of its existence along with other products it would seem because its not listed in the “Products” section of the website.  Is there a full product listing link of all your stuff that can be ordered?

Off topic but hopefully you can clarify something for me.  With the Sabre Skin is there a use case for it to be worn by itself (not over the Innerwear) and are there precautions and/or issues with it that I need to consider with its use for using it without the Innerwear underneath?


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