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Once, you have a size to wear it is better to make your adjustments based on the actual fit. For your reference, each size down in girth, for example, 26-24-22 is 1/4″ tighter is the circumference. The length, if too long, can also contribute to slippage when the penis is forced to retract when sitting. So the fit should have some slack to be less than fully extended to avoid this problem. Concerning the excess skin, you should retract the skin so that the silicone ring is seated directly behind the coronal ridge of the glans to ensure secure extension. If you have excess skin that is difficult to “stuff” back in behind the silicone ring. Use one hand to hold the underside of the silicone ring and use the other to pull the skin at the base of the shaft near the ball sack to draw the excess skin back down the sleeve. You can then easily tuck whatever remains between the silicone ring and glans behind inside the sleeve. The other consideration is, do you need a tapered sleeve or a straight sleeve with a tighter fitting silicone ring to achieve the proper fit for the optimum comfort and best performance.

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