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The Innerwear may be a bit snug fitting at first. However, it will break-in for a more comfortable fit after a week or so of use. During this time, you should remain alert to any discomfort or irritation that can develop during the conditioning period and rest for a few hours or overnight before resuming to wear. The sooner you rest the sooner you can resume wearing again. Of course, if it is obviously too tight you should not wear it if it is uncomfortable and look at a resize.

If you attempt to wear a size that extends to the full erect length you will experience slippage of the glans back inside the sleeve and/or wrinkling of the fabric sleeve wall. This occurs when you sit as it causes the penis to retract when the pelvis shifts back and the hips rotate forward. When extended to the erect length you will not be able to urinate without experiencing a great deal of pain which causes an reflexive contraction to immediately stop the flow. You definitely need some space for the flaccid penis to retract to some extent in order to avoid these problems.

The plastic snap buttons are tested 3x before passing QC… unfortunately, as in your case, they can pop off on occasion. If your is broke and you prefer to have them then you can contact the support email at [email protected] to resolve the matter.

If you find the ball band does not keep the balls from retracting and is more of a nuisance then the strapless version is a good option. The only drawback here is that the sleeve will not provide space for the ballsack to hang along the base of the shaft. The ball band version has the hole for the baseband cut-out which creates a shorter length of the sleeve along the underside of the penis. However, if it is a bother you have the advantage of folding the base of the sleeve to effectively control the sleeve length which makes for a sturdier section of sleeve wall at the base of the shaft.

I can send you links to a demo video on how to efficiently put on and wear the Corkscrew via DropBox… just send a request sent to the support email.



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